Closed meetings are limited to alcoholics and to those who have a desire to stop drinking

Open meetings are open to alcoholics and nonalcoholics... All are welcome

  MONDAY             NAME              MEETING TYPE
06:00 AM            Sun-riser                        Open
08:00 AM            ABC's                              Open
10:00 AM            Midmorning Asylum    Open
12:00 PM            Lunch Bunch                 Open
03:00 PM            Newcomer                     Open
05:30 PM            Happy Hour                   Open
08:00 PM            Discussion                     Closed
10:00 PM            Candlelight                    Open

TUESDAY                 NAME            MEETING TYPE
06:00 AM            Sun-riser                         Open
08:00 AM            ABC's                               Open
10:00 AM            Midmorning Asylum     Open
12:00 PM            Lunch Bunch                  Closed
03:00 PM            Newcomer                      Open
05:30 PM            Big Book                          Closed
08:00 PM            Discussion                      Open
10:00 PM            Candlelight                     Open

WEDNESDAY           NAME                   MEETING TYPE
06:00 AM            Sun-riser                          Open
08:00 AM            ABC's                                Open
10:00 AM            Midmorning Asylum      Open
12:00 PM            Lunch Bunch                   Open
03:00 PM            Newcomer                       Open
05:30 PM            Happy Hour                     Open
08:00 PM            12 X 12                             Closed
10:00 PM             Young People's              Open

THURSDAY               NAME               MEETING TYPE
06:00 AM             Sun-riser                         Open
08:00 AM             ABC's                               Open
10:00 AM             Midmorning Asylum     Open
12:00 PM             Lunch Bunch                  Open
03:00 PM             Newcomer                      Open
05:30 PM             Tradition Study              Closed
08:00 PM             Big Book Study               Closed
10:00 PM             Candelight                      Open

FRIDAY               NAME                   MEETING TYPE
06:00 AM             Daily Reflections             Open
08:00 AM             ABC's                                 Open
10:00 AM             Midmorning Asylum       Open
12:00 PM             Lunch Bunch                    Open
03:00 PM             Newcomer                        Open
05:30 Pm             Happy Hour                     Open
08:00 PM             Gut Level                          Open
10:00 PM             Candelight                        Open
Midnight              Midnight Meeting           Open

SATURDAY               NAME                             TYPE  
06:00 AM             Sun-riser                           Open
08:00 AM             Grapevine in Action        Open
10:30 AM             Women's                          Closed
03:00 PM             Newcomer                        Open
05:30 PM             Big Book Study                Open
08:00 PM             Speaker*                           Open
10:00 PM             Candelight                        Open
Midnight              Midnight Meeting           Open
*The birthday meeting is held the last Saturday of the month at 8:00 PM

              SUNDAY              NAME                   MEETING TYPE           
06:00 AM            Sun-riser                            Open
10:30 AM            11th Step                           Open
03:00 PM            Get a Grip                          Open
05:30 PM            Men's Stag                         Closed
08:00 PM            Discussion                         Open
10:00 PM            Candlelight                        Open

Monthly service meeting is normaly held on the third Sunday of the month at 12:30 PM